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Josh Abbott Band – “She Will Be Free” Feat. Madison Iseman

Madison Iseman, an up and coming actress took on the role of playing Sam in Josh Abbott Band’s new single “She Will be Free.” Read below on what Madison had to say about portraying a young girl who becomes exploited.

“When I found out I was booked as the role of Sam in “She Will Be Free” I knew it was going to be a difficult character, but I had no idea what an emotional toll it would have on me. I remember receiving the whole script and just thinking to myself that it couldn’t be true, but little did I know there was even more to it. I wasn’t aware how big of a problem sex trafficking is, not only in America, but in the entire world. I feel like the subject of sex trafficking is often looked over. I struggled with connecting to the storyline at times. The whole concept was extremely overwhelming, and I often found myself simply lost for words. It was an experience that was shaped my life emotionally and spiritually. Being able to be apart of this project has opened my heart and my eyes to so many different things. I’m so happy to have worked with these beautiful people for a cause that needs to be stopped.”

–Madison Iseman

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