Celebrations and Workshops at Saving Innocence

We met 22 new survivors this month through referrals from our partners. This means that since Saving Innocence started we have had the opportunity to speak into 250 girls lives. While we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this, we are devastated that there are so many girls who have been impacted by trafficking and aware that there are so many more who have gone unnoticed. We recognize that with this population, many of the youth run away for different reasons, but a huge credit to our amazing case managers and their ability to build trust and rapport with their clients is that over 60% of our clients who run away will reach out to us to let us know that they are safe. We will do what we can to encourage them to return, and we celebrate their return and help them reintegrate into their community. Part of this is celebrating milestones and helping them find activities and interests that they enjoy.

We recognize that there is still much to do, but here is a run down of what we have done just this summer:

Graduation parties for 3 graduates

Baby showers for 3 new moms

Birthday celebrations for 12 girls

A fashion workshop for 4 girls to help them pair classic looks and pick outfits that flatter their figures.

An art workshop for 6 girls to learn to pick colors and patterns to paint

We continue to work weekly with over 70 girls who have been trafficked in Los Angeles. In our case work, we sometimes have to work on the practical things like school enrollment or healthy relationships, but others we like to give them a break from all the serious activities and help them remember that they are kids. We enjoy helping them explore career interests and fun activities, because often they have not been exposed to the different experiences because of all of their life changes. We love bringing them into the Hope House for these activities because they love coming to a cozy family environment where they can relax and do fun things. We love that we have volunteers to help generate the ideas, and girls who are interested in so many different things. If you have an idea for a workshop or something fun for our survivors to do, we would love to hear about it!

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