A day in the life of Saving Innocence

Our team of amazing Case Managers are available 24/7 around the clock for our kids in need. If it’s not answering a 3:00 am crisis call, it might be taking them to a doctors appointment or visiting them in their placement. Please watch and share this video which shows what an average day in the […]

Celebrations and Workshops at Saving Innocence

We met 22 new survivors this month through referrals from our partners. This means that since Saving Innocence started we have had the opportunity to speak into 250 girls lives. While we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this, we are devastated that there are so many girls who have been […]

Crisis and First Responder

We so often are asked about the crisis process at when we are called out to work with a youth. We wanted to unveil the mysteries, and give you a glimpse into our work during a crisis call. We work with so many amazing partners who have supported our work and ability to relate to […]

What Success Looks Like with CSEC

Often we are asked what success means for survivors, and many people recognize that getting out of their exploitation alive is success. We know that what we do works – the proof is in their hugs, smiles, and laughter. It is in their text messages thanking us, in the tears from their moms who are […]

World Changers

I truly believe that what we do is the most important work in the world. Not because we are heroic. But because we are entrusted with the most heroic. These kids have been through hell and back. Oftentimes their journeys were riddled with violence and neglect, even before they were trafficked. Yet, each one of […]

Meeting Survivors

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to speak into the young survivors lives, particularly because you have to earn the right to do so. She’s been taught that she will be judged, unwanted, and that anyone who tries to get close to her wants something from her. She won’t believe that you genuinely […]

The Field

Working in this field, you meet some of the strongest, most resilient people you’ll ever meet in your life. And as emotional and heartbreaking as that can be, something that has an even greater impact is the fact that these youth don’t know how strong they are and are quite, in fact, unsure of themselves […]


Brag Post: Saving Innocence Team – by Amber Davies

While many of you know about the organization as a whole, we wanted to let you know more about our team, and how we do it. This team is incredible, and I am often amazed at their resilience and adaptability to frequently changing circumstances. They are dedicated and motivated to give their clients their best, […]