My Life My Choice Workshops

The My Life My Choice Project is a nationally recognized 10-week program designed to reach adolescents who are the most vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation. Since 2002, My Life My Choice has mentored over 150 girls, reached 1,000 girls directly through the prevention groups, and trained over 4,500 providers nationally. The groups are dual-led by a clinical social worker and a child sex trafficking survivor.

The youths involvement in this program does not necessarily mean that they have been or will be exploited through prostitution, but it is likely that they will either know someone who has been involved, or have been approached and needs help. Through this program, the group will be equipped with knowledge on how to avoid commercial sexual exploitation, reduce risk in the life, or get out of the life.

Juvenile Hall Workshops

We will be running numerous workshops of a 10-week program in local juvenile halls, group home placements, Dorothy Kirby Mental Health Center, and Juvenile Justice centers for survivors of DMST and high-risk youth. This will provide knowledge and activities for these high-risk youth on the following topics: how to identify and keep themselves safe from traffickers, how to reduce their risk of exploitation, the link between substance abuse and exploitation, developing higher self-esteem, understanding sexual health, understanding the realities of “the life” in prostitution, and best case practices for finding help and safety.

School Presentations

One of the most powerful ways to prevent young girls from becoming victims, and to prevent young boys from becoming pimps, is simply education. Because society has glamorized the image of prostitution, and turned the word “pimp” into a positive label, Saving Innocence is dedicated to helping our youth understand the realities of “the life” so that they don’t fall into it.

Please contact if you need any assistance in signing up for a workshop.