Empowerment Services

Case Management Services

Beginning at crisis intervention and continuing throughout a 2 year rehabilitation program, we offer general case management for child victims where we coordinate services to meet the child’s mental health and medical needs, assist with aftercare placement, provide ongoing mentorship, and offer support to the child’s family. We work closely with placements, camps, and homes where the victims are placed, and visit the youth regularly to ensure a healthy transition. Saving Innocence Advocates help to create a sense of permanency for the youth as we help them navigate their recovery journey. We meet with the youth in-person and over the phone weekly, while also acting as a liaison between them and the many court processes that the youth is required to participate in.

Court Advocacy

We are the only non-profit organization contracted to participate in the collaborative STAR Court in the Los Angeles Juvenile Justice Center that specializes in working with DMST youth. We work closely each week with Judge Pratt, Defense Attorneys and Probation Officers to create an individualized program for each of the youth. We connect each child with the necessary community resources like individual therapy, family therapy, school assistance programs, and extracurricular activities that will help each child heal and grow into a healthy adult. Every victim has their own story and we are building a support system to surround them while they are transitioning out of their abusive environment and into a new life.

Empower: Victim to Survivor to Leader

Kim Biddle, Executive Director and Founder of Saving Innocence serves on an expert panel that is creating an official Survivor Empowerment Program curriculum for the Los Angeles Probation Department that will be administered county-wide and adapted for all social service agencies working with CSEC youth. The hope is that this county-wide curriculum and protocols will be reproduced throughout the United States.